March 20, 2021 3 min read

16th century woodcut by Johannes Regiomontanus.

It's the end of February and Pisces season has begun. I am comically not an astrologer though I am very interested in the metaphysical, the alchemical and the mysterious! I'm fascinated by the guiding role of the cosmos throughout history, as well as the artworks and symbols inspired by the 'rules' of the stars and planets. I've read my horoscope my whole life, often giving it way more weight than I should at times, as a teenage and twenty-something does. I'd look for a diagnosis as to why things were or mostly weren't going the way I wanted them to, and search for a glimmer of hope for the future. In the last year I've learned how to read my chart and understand the complexity of the sky we are each born under. I look less to my sun sign readings for literal answers and try instead to see the bigger picture, how the moving planets cause disruption or progress in different houses and how I can navigate around that to make the most effective moves in my life. If you're looking for a great resource or are interested in more progressive astrology, Chani Nicolas has a wonderful book and app that are very modern and approachable.

From The beauty of the heavens, by Charles F. Blunt

I mostly enjoy thinking about the characteristics of the different astrological signs and their symbolic roles ushering in the different times of the year. I love the way the signs transition from Air to Water to Fire to Earth and back again, infusing the months with unique energy. It's a little like the seasons, how we plant in the spring, watch everything grow in the summer, harvest in autumn and then let everything rest in the winter. There are optimal conditions for everything and I think astrology can give us a bit of guidance for the right timing in our lives. 

So, Pisces. This sign is represented by two fish swimming in alternate directions. Its ruling planets are Neptune - considered the planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, and illusion - and Jupiter which represents a broader purpose. Fish are symbols of change and transformation (Greco- Roman and Eastern Indian mythologies), abundance and faith (Christianity) and particularly a symbol of fertility and creation (pagan and Ancient African mythologies).

Water symbolizes the Divine Mother - all creatures who dwell within it symbolize the force of the feminine. In China fish symbolize unity and fidelity, since fish swim together. In Buddhism fish symbolize joy and liberation from the confines of societal expectation (fish are free to swim wherever they please.) Fish can be an emblem of harmony, of yin and yang energies and the partnership of a dyad. They’re also emblematic of our dream worlds and embracing our own intuition. Fish remind us of the water world within which they dwell, a world where we may be dealing with the unseen or deeper hidden truths, the stuff of the psyche.

I particularly like that water droplets have a magnetic quality as they seek each other out to collect into larger bodies that grow deeper and more mysterious with size. Water sign friends often feel uniquely magnetic, uniting all kinds of people into their circles. I feel like I'm diving into their world when I spend time with them.

From The Linnæan system of conchology, John Mawe, Edmund A. Crouch, lithographer

I felt inspired to make some larger pieces for use and inspiration at home since we're all a bit more domesticated these days. As a jewelry designer, I'm always interested in jewelry storage. These pieces are often just as sentimental as the jewelry itself - and we interact with them almost everyday - so it was fun to use Pisces and its symbols as a guidance on a series of vessels to hold your treasures. These pieces were inspired by the mysterious and creative energies of water and the life forms that thrive within it. Fish have played into many of my thoughts and dreams this season and it’s been a pleasure to explore this ancient symbol. On a personal note, I'm 17 weeks pregnant and fish notoriously pop into pregnant people's dreams as old housewives' tales go, so that was really the kick-off for this whole thing! 

I hope these pieces inspire water energy to flow within your thoughts and in your space, allowing for the unseen and dreamt-of to enter your world.


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