July 28, 2022 3 min read

Today I had a production day in the studio which meant a steady stream of podcasts and audiobooks (I'm pretty lucky to get all of that listening time!) I tuned-in to a discussion about electricity within the human body and how all the moving systems within the body create 'waves' of electricity that resonate out beyond our physical selves. These are the same waves that can be read on an EEG. This reminded me of ocean waves stirred by the push and pull of the moving planets and the lunar cycle. It's pretty amazing how nature expounds on an idea :)

Anyway, I really believe in the creative energy of nature. Setting New Moon intentions is a practice that can allow you to harness the cycles of growth to generate real change within your experience. Just as we shed our literal skin cells and grow whole new organs within our lifetimes, life itself is designed to evolve. Why not provide some clear instructions to the forces that animate us all on what we would really like to see unfold. Here are some processes to amplify the power of a New Moon (or a couple of days before or after):

-Clean your space to reset the energy: clear out emails, sort paperwork and generally organize your work space so you can begin the cycle with a fresh start

-Use sage, palo santo, a candle or Florida Water to cleanse your space and set an intention for the energy you want to feel in your space for the month ahead

-Download a moon cycle app like Moonly (my fave) to help remind you of the phases and how you can work with them

-Meditate or reflect on releasing the negativity or baggage from the previous month. New Moons are time to let go and release. Try to focus on the nothingness and let thoughts just float by. Practice 'letting your cork float' as Amraham Hicks would say. 

-If you like using crystals, place them in a window sill to recharge and 'cleanse' in the moonlight

- Place a dollar bill or even your wallet in the same moonlight. Place clear quartz crystal on top to amplify the energy of the money and set an intention to see it grow throughout the month.


-Break with energy that does not serve you:

Write down a few behaviors, habits or distractions you want to break away from. Burn this list (safely & outdoors if possible) and wash the ashes down the drain to symbolize them washing completely away from you. Release the feelings of friction or stagnation they created within your body. Take a brisk walk or literally shake off the feelings to release them. Movement is a powerful way to move energy out of the body.

-Create a monthly Manifestation practice:

Bill Proctor said loosely, 'There's faith and there's fear and both require you to believe in something that hasn't happened yet.' It's easy to write off manifestation practices as too woo but if you feel resistance, simply think of this as mindset work. Write down 3-4 intentions/ goals/ expectations you want to achieve in the coming weeks. Spend a few minutes with your eyes closed in a relaxing position and visualize each goal coming to fruition (honestly, I just do this every morning in the car when I drive my kids to daycare ;). One at a time, feel the feeling of achieving what you set out to do or have and try to conjure up as many feelings of enjoyment around that experience as you can. Try to visualize your goals or manifestations daily to bring you into a feeling of expectation, that it's all just around the corner. If you feel down or helpless throughout the week, recall the great feelings you were able to generate around these visualizations to get back to a place of expectation and excitement.

-Create your own rituals and build on them over time! The moon waxes and wanes every single month so use it as a reminder to stay connected to what you're striving for. Change can take time, maintain your mindset work, stay emotionally aligned with your dreams and big shifts can occur.



You have to create a blueprint or a roadmap before the first stones can be laid on any project. Harness the grandness of your imagination and provide the universe with clear instructions for what you want to create. Uncanny events and helpers often present themselves to ensure your intentions manifest a lot quicker when you work with the creative force of nature which sends its animating waves through each of us, every moment. 

Wishing you exciting growth over the next few weeks :)