Twin Montana Agate Necklace

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Fraternal twins, that is. Gemini is so flexible (mutable) they can shape shift in the blink of an eye, contributing to their twin symbol. Consider this your staple accessory during Gemini season (and then everyday thereafter;)

This piece celebrates the duality of this beautiful spring/summer Air sign. US-mined Montana Agate lozenges dangle from dramatically long bails (because who would Gemini be without a dash of drama?) Agate helps alleviate stress, anxiety and headaches - especially helpful for the overly mentally-stimulated Gemini. Mixed-metals add an extra quirk to further celebrate the duality of this sign. 

  • One of a Kind
  • 18" Long
  • 14k gold-filled serpent chain with Sterling silver clasp and gemstone bezels
  • Round Agate dimensions: 38mm tall (top of bail to bottom) x 18mm wide
  • Oval Agate dimensions: 33mm tall  (top of bail to bottom) x 9mm wide

Ready to ship. Packaged in recycled/ reusable packaging