Water Medallion Unakite Necklace

Unakite is a stone native to the south east of North America and is thought to govern reproductive health and ensure a safe delivery for expectant mothers. It's sometimes referred to as the midwife's stone for this reason.

Through my own experiences with labor, I find that Air (breathe) and Water (womb/ birthing pools) are essential elements in the process of becoming a mother. I intend for these symbols to remind you of your creative power and your ability to bring forth anything you wish into the world. I designed these unakite pieces for Mothers in all stages of life and even loss. Harness the power of breath to get you through the hardest parts.

  • 20" long gold plated serpent chain
  • Bronze Water charm - the hand represents you harnessing this element to create change in your life
  • Unakite bead halo

Your necklace will be made just for you so kindly allow up to 5 days processing time before your order ships. Packaged with recyclable/ reusable packaging.