Carnival Quartz Necklace

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This necklace is as showy and unusual as the Big Top itself. A unique cut of golden rutilated quartz is suspended by a hand fabricated cap and sits beside a striped ceramic drop.

Part of the Leo astrology collection, rutilated quartz simply vibrates with look-at-me Leo energy as it fascinates with it's luminous golden strands cris-crossing through watery clear quartz. Though not traditionally associated with Leo, rutilated quartz is thought to promote positive thought and guide decisive action (very fire sign energy). It's thought to aid in manifestation, especially of the financial variety. Rutilated quartz possesses the qualities of both quartz and rutile so its a powerful stone for warding off negativity, anxiety and fear... a trait inherent to self-assured Leo.  

  • 23 carat rutilated quartz pendant (38mm long x 26mm x 8mm)
  • 1" hand painted ceramic pendant with hand made setting
  • 18" long 1.5mm serpent chain with hand made clasp
  • 24k Vermeil - a thick coating of true gold over sterling silver

Ready to ship. Packaged in recycled/ reusable packaging.