Cancer Collection

Cancer, the water sign of summer, is a time for reflecting on the emotions and feelings that drive us or which we potentially want to break free from. Steered by the moon, this sign is subject to the magnetism of the revolving planets which can drive their emotional highs and lows. Uncanilly, the moons revolution around us causes the waves and tides, a visual example of these emotional ebbs and flows.

For this Cancer inspired collection of home pieces and jewelry I was inspired by Cancer’s gemstone, pearl. Using actual freshwater pearls and a lot of oversized pearlized ceramic to resemble natural ones, these deep-sea treasures connect us to the seas.

Finally, the tarot suit that represents the element Water is Cups. I was inspired by vessels and the way they contain and hold space. Just as our emotions can feel wild and torrid, with intention we can hold space for them and reflect. I hope this collection connects with you and that your cup is full this season.