...I call her Red

Do you remember that amorous tune rehearsed by a long-haired Jordan Catalano before a lovesick Angela Chase? Naturally she thought it was about her, with that hallmark crimson 'do of hers. The song became for Angela an unfortunate dangling carrot down a bleak path of blinding adoration for Jordan as we discover that said dude penned said love song about... his car.

Oh, My So Called Life your profundity still resonates after all these years.

This week I fell in love with a shiny red appliance of my very own - a humble home kiln I've hemmed & hawed about purchasing for years. And although I haven't the skills to showcase my affections in lyric and chord like Mr. Catalano you better believe I cranked this baby up to 2000º straight out of the box in an act of legit devotion. I've still got temp. testing to do but there's palpable joy in the studio today as I fire through the piles of greenware starting to stack up around these parts. I finally have a soup-to-nuts operation in this studio thanks to babygirl... and I call her Red...


i call her Red.jpg